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School Anthem

Wet the ground and wind opposing,
Just ten minutes yet to play;
Play up Central, no reposing
On the gains of yesterday.
Now's the time for combined action;
Pass the ball from man to man,
Never selfish play nor faction,
Proved worthwhile since sport began.

Central Rally for the School then,
Take the field with one accord;
Keep your courage cool and clean then,
Central's flag must ne'er be lowered.


On the field of life when striving,
Keep your honour true and bright,
Play up Central ever thriving
On the fruits of grace and light;
For your comrades of the old days,
Scattered far though, they may be;
For your school and for her true praise,
Live in service glad and free!

School Crest

Our college crest and colours were introduced in 1901 by Mr. Romaine Cooke, Vice Principal (1901-1917). On the lower arc of the crest was inscribed in Latin the motto "In Gloriam Dei Optimi maximi" meaning unto the glory of god, the best and the highest. On the crest are the two emblems, a key, symbolizing the college as an instrument that unlocks those leading to knowledge, and the YAZL a musical instrument denoting the historic YAZL associated with the founding of the city of Jaffna. The golden orb of the rising sun on the crest symbolizes the light of learning that radiates from the school.

The Flag

Central's Flag must never be lowered

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